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Enter Sass namespacing

Sass has always been to me that one preprocessor that makes others not worth learning. I think stylus is quite okay but I’ve never used Less and I don’t even know if it is spelled LESS or Less but we’re not here to talk about less we are here to talk about more (pun intended). More features to the amazing Sass.

Beautiful world of houdini

Besides the beautiful name, houdini would be a great addition to web technologies when eventually implemented by browsers. Before going into what it is exactly, you can think of it as the babel of CSS. Each time I come across the name Houdini, I imagine Agent Phil Coulson saying “tahiti, it’s a magical place”.

Understanding the shadow dom

For the decades programming have existed there have been abstractions over abstractions which to many appear only as simplification of process and better DX. Yes that is the ultimate goal but it gets there by taking some tunnels.

Cohesion against coupling

Coupling and Cohesion are two major principles for structured design in software. It’s commonly heard that high cohesion and low/loose coupling leads to good software design. Cohesion is an act of sticking together. In physics cohesion gets contrasted against adhesion as the sticking together of particles of the same substance where adhesion happens with dissimilar substances. With this in mind we know that any 2 things can be put together and we could assume a cohesive code.

Why go to college

We are in an era where knowledge has become so accessible that we question the need for higher education which was once known as the touchstone for professional excellence. Having so much data at our fingertips and knowing how to apply them is a great advantage of living in this century.

Frontend asset management in rails applications

In rails planet it’s easy to assume that asset management is at its best with the assets pipeline it provides which includes sprockets for simple requires. Sprockets is great but could be better with a properly structured application.

Algorithm Analysis: Best, Worst and Average Case

Algorithms are a sequence of decisions we make to solve a problem. Like every decision in life we can make great decisions and really terrible decisions. But it doesn’t end there. Good decisions vary, they can come easy and can take a lot harder process to reach an expected outcome.


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