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Relative and Absolute Thinkers

Relative Thinker The way we think plays a great impact on how we live our lives and relate with people around us. This article may seem like it’s going down the path of one of the internet articles on temperament. Temperament is involved whenever or wherever there is a talk on human thinking as it has to do with individual personalities based on Wikipedia. However, I promise this article is totally going down that path. I’ve come across different types of temperament from different sources. I mostly think of this 5 as the major genuine temperament types


A grid framework from Susy Part 1

Susy Susy is a great grid framework and something I really love about it is the idea of grid on demand rather than having to use frameworks just as Chris Coyier quoted:


Captain Blogger

Captain Kirk Someone once told me to have a purpose for everything I do. I believe that even out of our subconscious, everything we do as humans is for a purpose. Marla Gibbs quotes that:


My failed LSB steganography algorithm

stego girl Last month (December 2014), I started developing a new GUI steganography software after building a simple steganography tool for my post at Infosec Institue. The simple tool (stegman) used a really simple approach that can be thought of and implemented by anyone in few minutes.


Changing pygments syntax color for jekyll blogs

Syntax highlighting is one of the great benefits we get from text editors we use in writing code. Besides making the code more readable, it makes me spot errors in my code without a linter. Training on Front-end development has been part of my profession for 2 years and I keep hammering on the fact that my students should make use of a good text editor. This has been a great thing as I find some students with mark-up like this: