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Migrating database password algorithm gracefully

If you are a developer that keeps up with the community and best practices you will often find bits of your code and process that needs improvement for security, scalibility, performance or whatsoever. Sometimes it’s not code you wrote but code that had been used in a company you find yourself. The situation here is to change the application’s users database encyption from that salted MD5 or SHA1 hash or even a non-salted integrity based hash to a hash that uses multiple rounds like bcrypt.


Cat paws on toucpad

One thing that really drives me to becoming a better developer is my curiosity to know how stuff works. I had some moments of tranquility to think literally about nothing which is something I do very often and it led me to thinking of a possibility which I will discuss here. Before I do, have you ever had your cat or dog hit some keys on your computer or put their paws on your touchpad? That’s what the idea here is about.


Revealing animations on scroll with pureJS

This is one of the posts I hesitate to write about because I feel there’s too many blog authors that have already written on it. The concept of lazy loading is majorly for performance reasons and it is welcomed on various aspects of technology. However its use in this case is majorly for aesthetics purpose as it doesn’t improve performance in any way. I decided to write this after seeing that many solutions to this are written in jQuery.


First tale of my career as a freelancer

I have always loved computers and when it was time to start building projects I made random projects to understand how programming works. Like many other starters I got web design jobs at ridiculously cheap prices but I really didn’t care about the money. I was enthusiastic to put my knowledge to use and have websites on the internet that I’ll proudly say were made by me.


Moving to PostCSS

At some point as a developer you’ve thought of leveling up by leaving spaghetti CSS to write in preprocessors. There are 3 popular CSS preprocessors LESS, Sass, Stylus, and there may be others I’ve never heard of. What makes CSS hard is its lack of logic. These preprocessors made our workflow easier by introducing logic to us like iterating things that regular CSS coders will spend ours rewriting, use of partials, use of mixins and variables.