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Understanding how ajax upload preview works

Ajax upload preview

From a very early stage of my development, I’ve been fascinated by ajax upload previews and dropzone upload areas. For a long time I guess I was too scared to try any of them but after some time, I started using some jQuery plugins that did the job fine. I could have been contended with that and just have that in my every project but every project aren’t the same. I may use a bunch of plugins on a static website but on web applications where I’m so conscious about performance I prefer taking my time to write code that will help me do away with plugins or gems where I can.


Sticky: Scroll to fix content

Scroll-then-fix Late last year, Chris Coyier addressed this on CSS-Tricks with illustrating images including GIF. In his solution to the problem, he had used magic numbers which he confirmed made his soluton not re-usable. He also wrote it in jQuery which may be nice considering that a lot of people use jQuery as it works on legacy browsers.


Exploring SVG for absolute beginners

Poly Graphics

SVG is one of the cool stuff of these HTML5 days and if you aren’t already fiddling with them already, either by using ready SVG icons or writing your own SVG, then you are missing out on a lot. It’s mostly known for its ability to scale across various pixel densities without pixelating. Regular raster images will do fine on 70ppi and some densities slightly higher but we’re in the future now and things are getting different. With displays of nearly up to 360ppi, raster will pixelate. Also, SVG survives zooming to any length and it retains its initial quality.


Relative and Absolute Thinkers

Relative Thinker The way we think plays a great impact on how we live our lives and relate with people around us. This article may seem like it’s going down the path of one of the internet articles on temperament. Temperament is involved whenever or wherever there is a talk on human thinking as it has to do with individual personalities based on Wikipedia. However, I promise this article is not totally going down that path. I’ve come across different types of temperament from different sources. I mostly think of this 5 as the major genuine temperament types


A grid framework from Susy Part 1

Susy Susy is a great grid framework and something I really love about it is the idea of grid on demand rather than having to use frameworks just as Chris Coyier quoted: